« YuMe Survey: Connected TV Provides A Real Advertising Opportunity »

One of the most detailed studies undertaken on connected TVs to date has found that about connected TV consumers prefer ad-supported content to paid, ad-free content.

A new survey pushes the idea that connected TVs will be a big opportunity for TV advertisers, per research conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, commissioned by digital advertising company YuMe.

Connected TVs are growing, 30% of Internet-connected households have some form of connected TV, the survey notes.

Some 60% prefer 15- to 30-second ads over a monthly subscription or the pay-per-view model for short-form video. 44% feel the same way when it comes to streaming TV shows.

According to the survey, three in ten Internet homes in the U.S. have TVs connected to the Internet. As indicated, users of those TVs are generally receptive to advertisements and ad-supported business models.

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